List of Tools in the Space!

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List of rooms and tools in each!

The space is split into four main sections, with another one on the way. With a plethora of tools and machines in each, it can be easy to lose track of what is where. This is a handy dandy guide to the lay of the Makerspace land. Note that many tools require either a tool specific induction or are covered by the general woodshop induction.

Clean Room

This Room is the main clean-working area in the space. We have space set-up for doing Electronics work, and a big table for whatever (clean) work you've got going on. It's our largest, cleanest and oldest space. Usually, this is where we would hold workshops or other events. Our Thursday Electronics group meets in here!

This room is also home to the Social Seating Area, Washroom and Kitchen.

Stuff in this room:

Textiles and 3d printing Room

This is where you'll find an impressive array of sewing and knitting machines, and a veritable print farm. It's also a room that could do with a more interesting name.

Messy Workshop

This room is the space for metalwork, screen printing, CNC and laser cutting - Plus all our messy crafts that need to be kept away from dust. Here’s a good place to do a bit of painting, varnishing or general clean assembly of things.

Stuff in this room:

Metal Workshop

Wood Workshop

Want to rip into some wood? Drill some stuff, make a racket and / or dust? Here's your space! We've decked this room out to support crafts that make a mess. A lot of the kit in here is designed for the wood-working amongst us and is also a bit dangerous, so you'll need to be inducted by one of the workshop tech's before you can use many of these tools.

Stuff in this room:

The Snug

Notice how it's nice and tidy in the rest of the space? This room is our shameful secret. Nothing of interest lies herein if we're doing our jobs correctly.

Stuff in this room:

  • Building supplies.
  • Junk.
  • Rodents (Don’t let them in).