List of jewellery tools

In the spirit of the List of metalwork tools, here is a list of the tools for jewellery work (showed up in the metal work list as unsorted bins)

Jewelers piercing saw frame. (adjustable length of the sawing range)

Saw blades (0/2 - 0/6, 4/0)

Needle files


Fine (sterling?) Silver chain

Small screwdrivers

Hand drills

Rotary tool (drills, burrs, and other stuff)


Angled tweezers

??? (on dark background to show the tiny needle)

Borax cone (for flux)

Draw plate, round wire (4.3mm down to very thin)

??? (maybe a draw plate for square wire? I honestly don’t know)

Flat faced pliers

Hole punch, shield shaped?

Adjustable width pliers? (looks too large for drawing wire?)

Ring mandrel (ungraded)

Ring resizer

Bench peg

Ring sizers

??? (maybe abrasive?)

Number punches, letter punches, 6mm



Hex wrenches

Various rotary attachments - drills, burrs, sanders, micro-chuck, …

Full box


I’m going to show my age here, but the needle type tool marked Primus is used for an old school camping stove. The Primus stoves used paraffin under pressure - the jets used to squirt out pressurised paraffin used to get sooted / gummed up. The needle type tool was used to clear them out.
Hope that helps!