Locksport Tools

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Locksport Tools

1x sparrows disc pick(read sparrows description)

Guide on how to use:

1x general disc detainer pick

Guide on how to use:

1x Sparrows pick set containing:

  • 1 x Snake rake
  • 1 x Triple peak
  • 1 x Twin Peak
  • 1 x Worm Rake
  • 1 x Short Hook
  • 1 x Euro Hook
  • 1 x Steep Hook
  • 1 x Offset Hybrid
  • 1 x Half Diamond
  • 1 x High Reach
  • 1 x City Rake
  • 1 x SSDeV High
  • 1 x SSDeV Long
  • 1 x SSDeV Deep
  • 4 x Comb Flat bars
  • 1 x Laser Engraved SANDMAN Pick
  • 6 x Tension wrenches in varying widths
  • 1 x MULTICAM Black Sherman Case with 3D Patch



Guide on use:

1x Sparrows Abus bypass driver

Guide on use:

3 x Sparrows cutaway practice locks

1 x Sparrows Reload Kit containing:

  • One resin plug follower that lets you remove the tail cap and remove the lock core.
  • Two Mini Pinning mats to hold all the parts
  • Four Keys with the 21 bottom proper pins (properly separated and bagged)
  • Five tail cap pins and springs
  • Fifteen main pin Springs
  • Ten Spool Pins
  • Ten Serrated Pins
  • Ten Mushroom Pins
  • One Metal tin to hold it all together.
  • 2x tweezers

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