Embroidery machine - Pledge Drive

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Pinned this topic back as there are still pledges to be fullfilled.

Thanks @petra :slight_smile:

We’re £50 shy of the machine cost - anything over can be spend on spare frames, needles and threads to allow us to hit the ground running.

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I’ll chip in £20! Love this idea!

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‘David’ our new Embroidery machine is now in the space… look at him go!

IMG_0986_Lively IMG_0990_Lively IMG_0994_Lively

Not bad for a first attempt huh?

The Tools page will be updated soon with all the details (inc. manuals and links to software to make your own designs)

We’re £100 shy of the fundraise target - if you had pledged but not donated, please throw some points in the kitty (if you can) - this will cover the cost of the machine and extra equipment to get us started




Amazing! Looks so cool, what a great addition! Thanks Everyone!

This is so exciting I have sent my contribution £ !
Nice one for jumping on this !

I don’t like uneven numbers, also, I might make myself nerdy things in the future with that :smiley:

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Thanks to everyone who donated - we’ve hit our target :confetti_ball:

The embroidery machine is now in the space and the tools page has been created - Brother Innov-is M230E Embroidery Machine

@TracyD and Myself will be at the Textiles Workshop on the 18th if anyone wants a guided tour - but it’s pretty easy to use :slight_smile:


I tried to edit the Wishlist-hopes & dreams page to remove the Embroidery Machine, and List of Tools in the Space! to add it - but i don’t have access :frowning:

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Done now

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So cool! Great job on the tool page as well!!

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Completly out of tipic, but can someone remove the Vacuum former? we have one.

The one we have is really small. I think a larger one would be more useful. @platinumnqueen22 thoughts?

Ok, so maybe we should change it to “Larger Vacuum former”

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It’s basically a board with holes attached to a vacuum pump and a frame on hinges and ir heating on top of it? Feels like a we can build it thing.

Thanks for this exhaustive post David!


Can the embroidery machine make clothing tags? Or is it more for embroidering a section/area of fabric? Below for reference:

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Can’t see why not. Only one way to find out :slight_smile:

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