Voron 2.4 3D printer

Voron 2.4


350mm x 350mm x 330mm build volume

Enclosed printer

Stealthburner tool head with clockwork 2 extruder.

0.8mm nozzle


Currently only PLA filaments. Techs are working on profiles for other filaments

Condition Notes

Second hand donated 6-12 months old (31/01/24)

Induction and Training

An additional induction is required for this machine. You must have been inducted on the basic 3D printer induction prior to this. Please contact the 3D Techs is you need an induction on this machine. If demand is high, we will make this a formal induction and wating list.

Software/configuration files

Please make sure you are using the latest config for the printer. Techs will notify on the Git and on discourse when changes occur.



Risk Assessment

Identify risks

Risk of burns - Low

Risk of entanglement - Low

Fire Risk - Low

State control measures

  • Always have long hair tied back.
  • The emergency stop button is located below the rotary dial on the printers display.
  • If suitable, always have front doors of machined closed when printer is in operation.
  • Do not lean or reach into the machine’s operational area when printing.
  • Wait for the machine to cool down fully before removing print. Temperatures are displayed on the front screen.

(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Before Use

Preparing printer

Power on the machine on the back left hand side of the printer. This will take about 30 seconds to boot, It will be ready when the front display lights up.

Make sure the magnetic bed is correctly placed on the build plate.

  1. Unload/load your filament
  2. Check temp on existing filament.
  3. Using the screen an rotary dial, go to temperature > nozzle/extruder and set to the temp on existing spool.
  4. Navigate to load/unload and select ‘Unload fast’
  5. Pull filament out of printer a store appropriately.
  6. Check and set temp of new filament on spool as in step 2.
  7. Disengage the extruder by lifting the leaver on top left of the tool head.
  8. Insert filament to the Bowden tube making sure it is freshly cut at an angle. this should go all the way to the tool head.
  9. Whilst apply light pressure on the filament from the start of the Bowden tube, clip shut the extruder gear making sure that the bolt on the left is as far as it will go.
  10. Navigate back to Load/unload and select load slow.
  11. Wait until you see new filament come through the hot end. If it doesn’t, first check the extruder gear is engaged correctly.


For the Voron, you need to setup the printer in the slicer with some additional specific details. We will use Orca Slicer for this as the additional configurations the 3D techs have made for the machine are specifically for this slicer. This a fork of Bambu studio so and all of the general interfaces are the same. We recommend installing this at home an slicing the file so you know your print times and to book the machine.

Next, download the config files below and then navigate to ‘File -> import -> Configs…’ in orca slice and load in the config files.

(config files to come)

It is important that these are loaded as they contain specific code and settings that execute on the machine when the file is sent to print.

You can now slice you file as normal making sure the printer and correct nozzle size selected.

once you have finished with your prep, we you will need to save this as a project file as the print will need finally sliced at the space to send it to the printer.

When at the space, load orca slicer and your file. making sure the printer remains correct and all your settings have remained the same.

click print then upload and print on the dialog box.

During Use

After Use