9 x Toshiba Portégé i3 and i5 laptops.
Currently in the snug on a shelf, in a clear plastic container.

Condition Notes

Very second hand (come from construction sites!)

Induction and Training

None. The laptops are free to use in the space.



Risk Assessment


(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Before Use

There is no booking process, unless they are to be used for a training session.
If they are being used for a training session, note that on the calendar booking.

The default users have administrator rights, so any user can install any software.

During Use

The default users have no passwords, so you can just login and use them.

After Use

Remove any personal/private data.
Shut down (do not just close the lid).
Return the charger to the bag and the laptop to the shelf.


These are old machines, so we can expect drive failures etc.
@Brendon_Hatcher has replacements, so inform him if a machine fails.