3-Axis Milling Machine - Sieg SX1L Micro Mill

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This is a manual 3-axis milling machine, for making precise holes and cuts in multiple materials including metal, plastics and wood.

This machine is currently not commissioned and should not be used.

Condition Notes

Second hand, on indefinite loan from @jonathanjo.

The maximum table travel is 320mm x 90mm and the throat is 140mm

End milling capacity 10mm
Face milling capacity 20mm

Both X and Y axes move 2mm per full revolution of the handle. The handles are marked with 80 gradations, so each gradation is 0.025mm. The Z axis moves 1.5mm per full revolution of the handle. There are no gradations on the handle, so you must rely on the vertical scale.

We currently have following end mills with matching collets: 6,10,12mm

Induction and Training

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Risk Assessment

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During Use

After Use



Manual (ours has the elongated X axis bed but is otherwise the same)