Back in the space after some time - questions: festool Domino / Router table

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I have not been in the space for a long time but now finally have a simple project to work on (shadow box frame). I am excited but have a few questions:
I don’t have shutter access - I can see an entry in the calendar for tomorrow (9:30-16:00 all day) - does this mean there is likely someone around?
I saw the post about the new induction format but still have a few questions:

a) I understand the Router Table - Elu needs a special induction in addition to the basic woodworking? I cant seem to find a waiting list for the induction - can someone point me to it?
b) the domino router - I believe its only with a special induction by @lewiss - but I cant seem to find a waiting list? How best to get induced? I cant find a tool page for it - but some references in the forum?
c) do we have 45 DEGREE LOCK MITER ROUTER BIT - once I have been induce on the router table
d) Mitre saw - I think I can use it, right?
Thank you very much!

A booking in the calendar means, somebody hosts this session, or: Yes, the space will be open. :partying_face:




We’re moving away from inductions for the tools in the wood shop after the basic, and changing to an assessment format. Still wrapping up the router and router table assessments, but they’re close.

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Ok, cool, thanks - so right now, I won’t be able to use the router table until the assessments are built, right?

Here is the Domino Joiner tool page:

Wasn’t linked from the index (but it is now)…


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I looked at the route table today and it seems the fence and height adjustment works but might not be accurate enough to use the 45° lock mitre Router bit ( - but there is a big heavy machine in the other side of the door in the same room that looks like special router table for this specific purpose… Does anyone know if it’s in use? Andone know their way around it? Thank you!

I’ve previously set up locking mitre joints using the router table at the space so can attest to the feasibility!

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I have completed both quizzes. I understand from the new induction format that I can now apply for an induction - I am guessing I can ask any woodtech in the space to induct / test me? Only thing is - I now know the theory, can I practice under the supervision of an inducted member? Or a woodtech? Thanks!