Router Table - Elu

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Router Table


Record Power Table
Elu MOF 177E Router

Condition Notes

2nd hand, in good condition

Induction and Training

Safety / PPE:

Same as a hand held router -

BUT Increased risk of hands in the blade

Anatomy of the machine:

Same as handheld router - except everything is backwards because it is upside down. This is the same Elu unit as we have for handheld.

Router is permanently turned on - and you control it from the front controls

Sliding table -slide back for access to the router



Risk Assessment

Router Table Risk Assessment

Before Use

Slide out away from the wall
Lock the front wheels

Adjusting the Depth:

Use knob underneath

Changing the Bit

Isolate the machine from power

Slide the table out of the way

Press the lock button underneath and turn the spindle until it clicks into the hole:

Use the wrench from the top to loosen the collet:

During Use

After Use



eg. instruction manuals, tutorial videos etc.