New induction format for tools in the woodshop after the basic induction

As mentioned in the member’s meeting, the inductions for the woodshop tools past the basic (table saw, planer, bandsaw, routers to start) will be shortly moving to a new assessment format to make it easier for members to get signed off on tools, and less of a time commitment for inductors (so that assessments actually happen), all while maintaining a high standard of safety.

The largest change in expectations will be that the member shows up to the assessment session prepared to demonstrate their safe use of the tool, having already studied the health and safety information on the tool page, and supplemental instructional information if necessary.

In order to apply for an assessment, you must get a 100% on the accompanying quiz to confirm you have read and understand the health and safety information, as well as basic theory of the tool (links forthcoming, we’re tidying up the quizzes).

Please bring the material necessary for the assessment to your session.

At an assessment session, the member will demonstrate the safe usage of the tool as outlined in the induction section of the tool page, it’ll look like this:

To facilitate this, the following has been done:

  • the tool pages have been reworked to make them easier to access and reference. The content of the assessments has been explicitly outlined - this will make it easier for members to learn about our tools, use the tool pages as a reference when using the tools, as well as make it easier to bring new inductors on board. We have also added some educational content to the tool pages, so please do make use of them!

  • QR codes have been placed on the tools around the space to make the tool pages easier to access - just scan with your phone if you’d like to learn about a tool, need a refresher, or would like to access some curated educational material (manuals, videos at the bottom of the tool pages).

  • We have created the accompanying quizzes, just finalizing the content.

To do:

  • reformat the safety placards next to the tools - we have some already in place next to the bandsaw, table saw, and planer, but there are some refinements we should make with them

As with any process change, we expect a few road bumps as we roll this out, so please bear with us and offer feedback as we go forward!

Edit: here’s the first batch of quizzes:
Basic Induction Quiz

Planer/Thicknesser Assessment Quiz

Table Saw Assessment Quiz

Router Quiz

Router Table Quiz

As we run assessments, the content of these quizzes will likely change a bit. Let us know if you have feedback.


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Thanks to all for putting this new system together

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This seems to be excellent approach, thank you

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This sounds great Max. Thanks to all who have been working on it!

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Great system, thanks for putting it together!