How to get inducted on the tools

Some of the tools at Makerspace require induction before you are allowed to use them. This is both for your own safety, and to keep the tools in good condition

The rough guide is ‘if the tool presents a reasonable risk of giving you life changing injuries, or the tool itself could sustain expensive damage from a user’…then it probably requires an induction

The woodlathe is an example of where an inexperienced user might easily injure themselves or other workshop users, and therefore needs an induction

The laser cutter is an example of where an inexperienced user might rack up an expensive repair bill, and therefore needs an induction – open communication is key here!

Induction sessions are run by approved members in their own time. Please respect this and do not hassle them for training, although we do encourage members to make it known that they’re looking for inductions

Inductions can carry a £5 fee – payable to the inductor
At the discretion of the member running the induction, and payable to the inductor. This will be made clear when an induction is announced. If you feel you are unable to afford the induction fee please contact the inductor

Waiting Lists
To make things fair, the popular tools have waiting lists for their induction sessions. The waiting lists can be found in the admin/induction waiting list category.

To add your name, visit one of the waiting list threads and go to the top right of the thread and click the “Pencil” button to edit the Wiki page:

Scroll down to the bottom of the post and add your @username to the list in the same way as you see the others (a checklist, see format below), then click “Save Edit”.

1. [] @my_username

When an inductor is going to run a session, they will copy and paste this list, you will get a Discourse notification and you will have the opportunity to say if you can make it. You can edit the post directly to check your name off or, even easier, click the box directly. Priority is given to those higher up the list, but don’t be discouraged: If nobody else can make it, then you could be in with a chance!

Once you’ve attended and passed a session, the inductor will remove your name from the list, and update your permissions on the membership system

Important note on getting on the woodshop tools after the basic induction:

Because of the number of tools in the woodshop requiring sign-off (table saw, bandsaw, planer, routers, etc.), we run a slightly different assessment format. Details can be found here. The short summary is that rather than an induction covering the use of the tool, the expectation in an assessment is for the member to demonstrate for the assessor that they can use the tool safely and with respect, with the preparation to do so on the member’s own time. Details of what we want to see for each individual assessment is detailed on the tool page for the relevant tool, which can be found either in the Tools section of the forum, or via the physical QR code on the tool iself.