How to get inducted on the tools

(Tom Newsom) #1

Some of the tools at Makerspace require induction before you are allowed to use them. This is both for your own safety, and to keep the tools in good condition.

Induction sessions are run by approved members in their own time. Please respect this and do not hassle them for training.

To make things fair, the popoular tools have waiting lists for ther induction sessions. The waiting lists can be found in #admin:induction-waiting-lists. To add your name, visit one of the waiting list threads and go to the green “edit this wiki” link:

And then click the Edit button

Scroll down to the bottom of the post and add your @username to the list in the same way as you see the others, then click Save.

When an inductor is going to run a session, they will copy and paste this list, you will get a Discourse notification and you will have the opportunity to say if you can make it. Priority is given to those higher up the list, but don’t be discouraged: If nobody else can make it, then you could be in with a chance!

Once you’ve attended a session, the inductor will remove your name from the list.

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