Screen Printing Equipment


  • This area does not need an induction.


Screen Printing Equipment:

  • Screen(s)
  • Squeegees
  • Screen clamp/air bed
  • Timer/UV Exposure unit size of screen
  • Printer that can print onto film really opaque
  • Pressure washer for cleaning photo emulsion out of the screen.
  • Spray booth for washing screens (with back light ideally)
  • Variable pressure electric shower (for wash out)
  • Drying cupboard for screens
  • Drying rack


  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Photo emulsion + sensitiser
  • Degreaser
  • Brown tape

Condition Notes

eg. New, 2nd hand, loaned. Any damage?

Induction and Training

No induction is needed for screen printing.


none currently

Risk Assessment

Identify risks
State control measures

How to Screen Print:

This dude explains it all in 15 min!


  1. Coat screen in photo emulsion in a red light room
  2. Wait for screen to dry (use drying cabinet to accelerate, if available).
  3. Print out a positive, transparency film with design on it
  4. Lay positive onto UV exposure unit with dried unexposed screen,.
  5. Expose.
  6. Wash out unhardened photo emulsion with warm water from an electric power shower (mildly pressured) in front of a waterproof light box
  7. Dry again in another drying cabinet or wait for it to dry naturally
  8. Use brown tape to block out any unwanted areas of the screen that are not coated with photo emulsion
  9. Mount screen into frame
  10. Put a bead of ink along one edge, and float the screen
  11. Use newsprint to do a test to get it going
  12. Use a piece of plastic fixed to the bed to find the position of the print on the bed for alignment with the paper
  13. Use masking tape to mark corners


a. Locate paper on masking tape registration corners
b. Drop the screen onto the bed
c. Pull once/twice hard towards you
d. Lift screen
e. Flood back the screen to prevent drying
f. Place paper in drying rack


  1. Wash screen with pressure washer to blast out all the ink and photo emulsion
  2. Dry screen ready for reuse.


  • If the screen starts to dry you can have Mr Muscle on hand to keep the screen moist (not sure why this and now something else)
  • Don’t let the screen dry with ink in it, or the holes in an air suction table.
  • The process for t-shirts requires a heat curing thingy and paper and ideally a t-shirt shaped bed for alignment and hold down.



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