Soldering Iron & Station (Hakko FX-8801 and FX-888D)

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Manufacturer: Hakko
Soldering Station Model: FX-888D (Blue and Yellow)
Soldering Iron Model: FX-8801

Power Consumption: 70W
Temperature Range: 200-480°C


TODO: replace photo of OUR irons

Condition Notes

April 2018, the tip (bit) on one of the irons was in poor condition. The tip was stuck in the metal tube. I bought an entire FX-8801 handle from Hong Kong. Took 8 days to arrive which is unusually quick. It works, no idea if it from Hakko or a counterfeit. About $15 with five spare tips included.

There are some spare tips in a component draw.

The metal tube that holds the tip is part number Hakko B3469 but I have not found a supplier with a cheap delivery charge to the UK. --AJP

Induction and Training

There is currently no induction for this tool.

  • Be very careful to turn it off when you’re finished with it. It heats up very quickly so there’s no need to leave it on if you’re taking a break or working on something else.

  • Be careful if you need to change the temperature not to accidentally recalibrate it.

  • People who need to crank up the temperature to 400ºC to get a bit more thermal capacity out of the iron, please remember to set it back down after as it wears out the heater, tips and thermocouple more rapidly, as well as potentially causing pads to delaminate for the next user.

  • For most jobs somewhere between 330ºC to 370ºC is perfectly fine for all types of solder, realistically 250-270ºC is adequate for many jobs.



Risk Assessment

Soldering Iron Risk Assessment

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TODO: During Use

TODO: After Use

TODO: Maintenance