Vacuum chamber

Right, well, given i only know the basics about vacuum chambers, I won’t likely be diving in any time soon to to a risk assessment on this.

Thank you for outlining this unit, I appreciate the insight (aka: warning that i’m not suited to be fussing with this at the moment :wink: ).


Hi James,

The above was for info… please don’t be put off by it. We are all about experimentation at SLMS, I’m sure one of the more experienced members would be able to help you with the unit.



So… do we still have a vacuum chamber?

Believe so - Last I saw it was under the screen printing bench…


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Will it do vacuum molding?

interesting, I feel an urge to de-gas some epoxy soooon. thanks for response.

do you mean vacuum forming?:

Probably. Heating certain plastics to the point where they can be vacuum formed into/onto a mold

No then!

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Brian @platinumnqueen22 spoke about making one

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This is the last mention of the vacuum chamber I can find.
I’ve seen it on Monday under mini cnc and I wonder if I could use it and anyone knows if it’s alive and/or what kind of maintenance is needed, like does vacuum pump has oil?
I was thinking to soak an old transformer in shellac.


Works just fine here is the tool page:


Just kidding - vacuum chamber or vacuum former? - maybe I am getting them confused!! They are both under the small CNC…

Would be great if someone could make a tool page for the vacuum chamber… last time we fired it up it worked - but you need to press on the plexi-lid to get it to seal… give it a go.

Vacuum chamber. I’ll give it a go somewhere next week and see what’ll happen. Thank you!

Cool - yeah try it out! And if you can even make a start on a Tool page for it that would be awesome!

Tested it, used it, doesn’t lose pressure, has some oil left in the motor, rather dirty, works fine, holds pressure well. Updated tool page: Vacuum Pump and Chamber


Nice one! Thanks @scythian!!

If the oil level is low we need to top it up, Have to check in the user manual the type of oil it likes.

we also have a second vacuum pump in the old woodshop.

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Hi all, :smiley: Yes I have been using the vac chamber and vac former so if you would l;ike a run through please drop me a line. Keep well . Brian D=

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Cool thanks all - yes, lets get some oil for it!

I also added it to the List of Tools in the Space