Brother Innov-is M230E Embroidery Machine


  • 80 built in embroidery patterns
  • Quick set bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Colour touch screen
  • 10cm x 10cm embroidery size

Condition Notes

Brand new (brought Jan 2023)

Induction and Training

No induction needed. However please watch following videos before use:

Setting bobbin/bottom thread

Upper Thread

Setting Embroidery

Embroidery Settings

Merging Embroidery Designs

Replacing needles and maintenance

Important - Only use specialized Embroidery Bobbin Thread on the bobbin/bottom threads, and specialized embroidery needles.

Check with @textilestechs before changing needles.

User Manuals below or press for on-screen step-by-step instructions. Screenshot%202023-01-10%20113833



Custom Embroidery Designs

The machine comes with 80 built in designs.

Use custom designs downloaded from the internet, or made using software such as Ink/Stitch ( - a free Inkscape plug-in).

Note: The machine is picky about the type/models of USB drives it can read, see documents of a list of supported models. A supported drive is kept with the machine.


Quick Start Guide.pdf (3.5 MB)
Operation Manual.pdf (2.6 MB)
Supported USB Media.pdf (127.9 KB)
Embroidery Design Guides.pdf (6.0 MB)
Accessories Catalog.pdf (1.3 MB)