January craft night - introducing the embroidery sewing machine

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Time for another Craft Night at SLMS! These are usually the first Tuesday of the month, but as that was Jan 2nd this moth we are running a touch late :rofl:

Thanks to @Martyn_Thomas “driving” the pledge drive, we have a wonderful new piece of kit in the textiles area - an embroidery sewing machine. It’s very easy to use and no formal induction is needed to use - see the tool notes for manuals etc
However, for those of you who would like a quick introduction, this is the night for you.

We will run short sessions on how to use it every 30 minutes during the evening so drop by for any time. This will include threading it, how to put the fabric into the embroidery hoop, using the preset designs and how to load your own designs.

If you haven’t been before this is an open session. Anyone is welcome from total beginner to expert, non-members and members!

Date: Wednesday, January 18th, 2023
Time: from 6.30pm (demos at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30)
Location: South London Makerspace,
Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road,
London, SE24 9AJ

It is in the railway arches, behind the Costcutter…

See you there!


Thanks for this, it is something I would like to learn but will only be able to get to the 8 or 8.30. But I will be there.

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Do we need to join a list anywhere or just show up? :slight_smile:

Just show up for this one - as its throughout the evening I doubt we’ll get 100 people turning up at one time (famous last words…) :rofl:

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Ahhh snap! Just saw this! I’m sure it was a busy evening. Looking forward to learning more about this machine in the future.

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They created a very good Tool page to get you started! Take a look!

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I’m happy to give you a tour sometime :slight_smile: It’s super easy to use, it’s making your own designs where it gets fiddly


I’ll do a little research via the tool page and perhaps @Martyn_Thomas if you’re around one evening at the makerspace I could arrange to swing by and take you up on giving a quick demo and some general tips!