Mitre saw - Hitachi C8FSE

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A power mitre saw is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a piece of wood at a selected angle. They use a circular blade and are classed as a high-risk woodworking machine.


Hitachi C8FSE Slide Compound Mitre Saw 216mm 240V 1050W

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Condition Notes

New. Given to us by Hitachi on sponsorship deal.

Induction and Training

  1. Watch health and safety video
  2. Have a short induction from an appropriate person. So far Dermot and Joe have offered to provide inductions.


List of @usernames who are responsible for maintenance
Can someone volunteer for this?

Risk Assessment

Cross Cut Mitre Saw Risk Assessment

• Do not use this tool if you have not had an induction.
• Do not use if you are alone in the space.

Trapping Fingers or material can become trapped between the blade and a fence or guard.
Flying objects Workpieces can be thrown violently if not held correctly, as a result of ‘kickback’ or if the machine starts unexpectedly.
User injury Human contact with moving or rotating parts can cause cuts or abrasions and particles from the sawing process can enter the eye.
Entanglement Long hair, dangling jewellery or loose clothing can become entangled with rotating parts, dragging the user onto them.

Trapping Trapping generally presents a low risk on this type of machine.
Flying objects ‘Kickback’ can occur as a result of missing teeth or from the nature of the material being cut. The risk is high with radial arm saws set to rip.
User injury All pulleys, drive belts and saw blades present a high risk unless adequately guarded. All machine saws generate flying particles. The risk of harm when removing timber can be reduced by careful instruction.
Entanglement Entanglement is likely to occur if rotating parts are exposed.
Dust Dust must be adequately controlled.
Noise Ear protection is recommended.

• Power supply to be disconnected when changing Blades.
• Wait for the blade to stop moving before removing the material or attempting any adjustments.
• Waste material/offcuts to be kept clear of work area.
• If cutting steel the chips come off red hot. Make sure they cannot contact wood dust.
• Carbon Dioxide extinguisher to be available for any fires.
• Eye protection is essential because the blade throws chips in all directions. The operator must also make sure other people nearby are wearing eye protection, or stay well clear.
• Fatigue contributes to most accidents so be sure to rest before it becomes a problem.
• Ensure a suitable ventilation system is fitted and always used.
• Push sticks must be used when the fingers are at risk.
• Ensure the saw blade is adequately guarded. Chop saws generally have a guard that encloses the whole of the blade and the blade is progressively revealed as the blade is lowered into the work. Check all guards to ensure that they function correctly. Do not use the machine without guards, or if guards are damaged or do not function correctly.

• Safety goggles must be worn
• No loose clothing / long sleeves / jewellery
• Long hair must be tied back
• Ear protection recommended
• Dust mask recommended
• Gloves NOT recommended as loose threads could lead to your hand being pulled towards the saw

Before Use


During Use


After Use





Instruction manual:

Safety video:

And here is a Youtube review/demo of a slightly different version of this saw.

And here is the Health and Safety Executive’s leaflet on cross-cutting mitre saws

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