Angle Grinders

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Angle Grinders



Condition Notes

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Induction and Training

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List of @usernames who are responsible for maintenance

Risk Assessment

Angle Grinder Risk Assessment

Before Use

During Use

Make sure to stand out the plane the grinder rotates in, especially when starting it and first engaging the work. The disk should be at full speed before use.

After Use


To remove a disk:
Hold down the the button down on the “back” of the grinder, turning the disk with your other hand until it locks. Note the arrow indicating the direction of rotation. Take the special spanner on the cord, using the pins that fit, and turn anticlockwise to loosen.

To mount a disk:
Disks should be free of chips and cracks at all times!! Larger disks can be “rung” to check before spinning up.

Cupped grinding wheels should be mounted with the cup facing outwards. Disks that indicate a direction on the label must be mounted in the correct direction! If a direction is not indicated, mount with the metal retainer facing the nut.

If there is space for the grooved side of the nut to be mounted (the disk hole is larger than 7/8" or 22.23mm), the flat side of the nut should be used. With the locked engaged, use the special spanner to tighten but not over cranked. The grinder will tighten the disk as it’s used.


eg. instruction manuals, tutorial videos etc.