Prusa Mk3s (draft)


Prusa MK 3 printer with a multi filament upgrade. can print five filmanets.
eg. Manufacturer, model, capabilities. Include a photo.

Condition Notes

Donated, second hand

Induction and Training

An induction is required to operate this machine. If you already have been inducted on another FDM printer, please talk to a 3D Tech to run through the specifics of this machine and its slicer.



Risk Assessment

Risk of burns - Low

Risk of entanglement - Low
Fire Risk - Low

An induction must be attended for all of the FDM printers in the space.

(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Before Use

  • Check that both the build plate printing nozzle is clean and free from damage.
  • Check that the build plate that is installed is correct for the material being printed.
  • Check that the correct nozzle is install if printing abrasive filaments.
  • Slice all files with either Bambu studio slicer or Orca slicer.
  • Ensure you make sue all of the following settings are correctly set in the slicer:
  • The Nozzle that is being sliced with.
  • The correct build plate surface for the selected filament is selected.
  • The correct Filament pre-set is selected

During Use

Make sure to add adhesion material where applicable. If the plate needs to be cleaned. remove from the printer and only clean the build surface down with water/isopropyl alcohol and that the build plate is fully dry before re-inserting. Make sure to watch the full first layer go down to ensure adhesion. Periodically check on the machine to make sure the print is still on the build plate.

After Use

*Clean the build plate of any adhesive used.


eg. instruction manuals, tutorial videos etc.

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