Metal Lathe - Colchester Bantam

(Frank Scott) #1


Colchester Bantam Screw cutting lathe with power crossfeed.
Used to turning, facing, boring die cutting and tapping metal and plastic sections.
Three jaw self centring chuck for circular and hexagonal cross-sectional material.
Four jaw independent chuck for square and irregular cross-sections.
Suds pump for workpiece cooling.
Screw settings switched between imperial and metric by change gears.
Additional tools
Quickchange toolpost with 6 holders.
Tailpost 3MT 5-20mm drill chuck.
Tailpost die-cutting attachment.
Tailpost thread-cutting attachment.

143mm centre height with turning diameter 286mm over bed and 178mm over cross slide.
Distance between centres 762mm.
Diameter of faceplate 254mm
Diameter of 3 jaw chuck 125mm
Diameter of 4 jaw chuck 205mm
Head stock bore 25.4mm with a No. 4MT taper.
Tail stock fitted with a No. 3 MT taper.
8 speeds between 36 and 800 rpm.
Fitted with an 1HP 3 phase motor.

Condition Notes

Second hand vintage 1975 owned by the makerspace. Old but in very good condition.

It awaits Tool Conrol , electrical safety measures removal from pallet and stiffened floor mounting.

Induction and Training

Induction required.


Risk Assessment

Before Use

PPE Eye protection must be worn, wear sensible footware. No neckties and unconstrained hair.
Do not use this machine if alone in the space, this machine can seriously injure or kill you.

During Use

After Use

Clean away any swarf and put away any tools.



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