HELP - Rod missing threaded hole

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I am rather hoping someone maybe able to help or advise on how to drill a threaded hole into a metal rod missing said hole

I have four rods which require threaded holes in both ends. Unfortunately one of the rods is missing the threaded hole completely! The rods are from AliExpress so zero chance of seller resolving this for me.

Here is a photo of the problem end. As you can see, the threaded hole is missing!

Here is the rod with the correct threaded hole

Finally, here is rod with threaded hole and machine screw partially inserted

Although, I can use a bench drill, I have no experience drilling into metal and don’t want to risk destroying the rod. I also have not been inducted into the metal workshop. I am hoping someone with appropriate expertise would be willing to help?


Looks like a lathe thing. How long is the rod?

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Hi Max.
the road approximately 950mm with a diameter of 8mm.


Yeah the metal lathe is what you want to drill the hole… you can pass the stock through the machine… what is the screw size? M5? M6? The gear cutting function of the lathe is broken unfortunately, but a tap will do just fine if we have the correct size…

I can help you tomorrow - but @Gergo_Dala is the expert! I am a newbie on the lathe so there is a slight risk I mess up your metal… :slight_smile:

I’ll be in tomorrow, Looks like it will be a boring job :rofl: We have 3 and 4mm drill bits and M4 M5 taps, Its so small diameter that even with a working gearbox we’d have to use taps.
And we have a first use of that new drill!


Thanks. I think the screw size is an M5. I took a calliper to it and it came in at 4.75mm.

What time are you there tomorrow?

Thanks again

Hi @Gergo_Dala
If you let me know what time you are there tomorrow, I can come down.

Boring for you, a learning experience for me :smile:

Thanks again

we gonna bore that hole thats why it is a boring job :rofl::rofl: I’d say 5 pm maybe a bit earlier

Jeez, how could I not have gotten that! :flushed:

See you tomorrow


I’ll be late, sorry! I’m on my way.

I am here , i was running late too