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Hi and happy newyear im'e TEK mark (6)
I'm Panja interested in prosthetics, electronics, wearables (9)
I've got to be honest (5)
Hi, I'm Helen (5)
Long time maker, first time poster (3)
Hi, I'm Alex (too, there are a few around here!). I do a bit of electronics (3)
Hi, I'm Alex --looking for help with laser engraving a logo (6)
Hi, I'm Roy (14)
Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm looking for some bits of machining (1)
Hi I'm Kate (2)
Planning a makerspace for Regensburg, Germany - would love to see how you guys do it! (12)
Starting my own makerspace in Bath, would love to visit you guys :) (9)
Hey I'm Ross (1)
Hi I'm ben (3)
Heya I'm Sam and I write code sometime (3)
Hi I'm Ed, some of you might vaguely recognise me (3)
Hi, I'm Chris. I work on websites for selecting Electronic Components (9)
Hi! I'm Dylan from Australia! (5)
Hello I'm Declan - Just back from Fab14 in Toulouse (5)
Hello I am Jin (3)
A quick hello 👋 (8)
Hi I'm Pauly :) (5)
Hi I'm new to this but interested in technology I'm re-training in web development (4)
Hi, I'm Andy- new member (4)
Hi I'm Jonny, looking for help with some drilling (5)
Hi I'm Simon, looking to laser engrave wood! (2)
Hi, I'm Robin. I make experimental hardware games! (6)
Hi, I'm Pau (8)