Hello all, I'm Bertie

Hi - I’m Bertie, from down the road in Brockley. I’ve been by a few times to do a welding induction and get to grips with embroidery machine. Love the space and everyone I’ve met has been really kind and helpful.

I’m interesting in making garments/ bags, and I have ambitions to weld up a DIY cargo bike this summer. To that end I want to practise TIG welding, but I can fall back on MIG if that doesn’t work out. Restoring steel bikes at home over the last few years is what got me into making!

I’m also wanting to make some simple jewellry, ie hammering gold/ silver into rings and some fusing/ soldering. I understand there isn’t advanced jewellry making gear at present (forge, high power torches etc) but I think perhaps I can get cracking with a hammer, Anvil, and a butane torch?

Cheers all looking forward to meeting youse :slight_smile:

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I believe there is a rule based on our lease terms that we cant have any open flame in the arches, I could be wrong tho :slight_smile:

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Hey Bertie, hello from a fellow Brockley-ite.
Sounds like you’ve got some great projects lined up.
I’m newer than you - I’ve just been once (electronics night, attempting to repair old electronics) but keen to make it to the woodworking and MIG inductions, so I can start some creative projects.
Hopefully bump into you soon at SLMS

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Ohh that’s a good point, thanks Dorine :slight_smile: @metaltechs is that the case?

Hello Mike! Yeah I also need to get on a woodworking induction ASAP. Electronics repair evening sounds really useful, I’m hoarding too many broken gadgets at home. Definitely see you around :slight_smile:

Correct we can’t do torches… - Gas cylinders (whether containing gas or not) may not be stored at or outside the Property. Exceptions are inert gasses and fire extinguishers.

So no butane, propane, acetylene etc…

But we have lots of other cool metalworking tools including MIG and TIG as you already identified!


Can we have same statement on open flames as well? Is it possible with due precautions?

There was very loosely speaking chatter about using induction tools as an alternative form of melting stuff :smiley:

Would this be allowed the induction option?

I found this forum conversation a while back: