Hello, I am Emanuele, an Italian born bloke, not a lovely french girl, I am afraid. :-)

Hello everyone,
my name is Emanuele, I am an active 48 old man.
I am in UK since 2007. I lived on Herne Hill road when I first moved. NowI live in East Dulwich, waiting to finish to re-build my house in Forest Hill, to then move to that area.
I am a free-lance Sound Engineer, Sound Artis, photographer. I make, create and fix things, so I am constantly up with a new project. I can do woodwork to a certain degree. In the past I worked as vintage forniture restoration’s assistant, in Florence (Italy) where I come from. I built few wooden things and in the last year I started re-building electric guitars. I would like to have access and use machinery, as it’s impossible to install them at home.
In my original home town I worked from many years in the industrial electronics industry: soldering and cabling to the highest standards was my thing. Previously I worked as an electrician.
I’d like to learn and use welding machines as quite often I find myself in need to build metal things. Currently I need to modify and old metal window frame to install in my new house. For my current job I developed a trolley and finding a good welder was a mission.
I’ve like to learn 3D-printing, with my constant need to have accessories to stick to my microphones and cameras.
I hope to be part of this community soon, learning and sharing skills with you all.

Thank you.
Emanuele Costantini


Hi Emanuele,
Welcome to our community. Sounds like you would fit right in. We have an Open Evening today if you would like a tour of the space before you join.
Hope to see you soon.

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Lol welcome to the club.

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Welcome Emanuele. I am interested in making an electric guitar in the future, perhaps we should organise a meetup of makerspace luthiers sometime. I would like to learn from others before making lots of beginner mistakes.

Sure, I think it will interesting to find how many members are into guitars.
I am not thinking of myself as luthier, I am far from that. I am more of a beginner guitar tech still making experience before making the step of building from scratch. I buy neglected guitars and bring them back to life. So far I rebuilt two of them I am learning to play with. I have few other projects lined up, but right now I am re-building my new house, so anything else is left a bit behind.

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