Maker in East London 👋

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Hello - just joined the forum and registered for membership, I’ve been running a desktop CNC (Makerdreams Evo Pro) at home for a year now and more recently a 3D printer (Bambu X1C). It’s quickly become something I’m very passionate about. Very interested in reverse engineering, 3D scanning objects, micro machining, circuit board manufacture.

I work in media 9-5 and although likely a common skillset here, happy to lend a hand with anything to that end. I’m an amateur machinist but would be very keen to help out with anything regs the lathe etc.

Current projects:

Building a set of micro jaws to take over from the tailstock on CNC.
Custom ringlight module for Photogrammetry device.
Turning a partially broken camera into a night vision device.
Building a mount for a fiber laser for the CNC.
Frame for an octocopter.
Custom bouldering/climbing holds using reclaimed material.

Hope I might get a chance to come over soon + hope everyone has a good weekend ahead.



Part of me still has a fondness of taking something broken and imagining all of the useful things i could do with it. I still have some stuff harvested out of the 3 weeks rubbish bin at the london hackspace from about 13 years ago. So it was nice to see your mention of wanting to make something out of the broken camera. Nice. Oh and I do appreciate photogrametry too!

I recently came accross a 2d->3d ai tool that can take 1 artwork and turn it into a 3d model, it’s a bit crap honestly, but it was fun to play with and a step in the right direction probably.

Ages ago I was fixated on the idea of the bullet time matrix effect, as well as the desire to have a 180 or 360 array of camereras —> I never did get around to doing this with them sadly, but I do have many of the original rasperrypi zeros and about 20 camera modules. I was hoping to take a synchronised array of photos for later procesing. Probably using meshroom.

I almost forgot, the CNC stuff sounds cool and I’m kinda jealous as I have never really gotten into CNC despite having watched more than my fair share of videos on the subject. lol.

Greetings and welcomes!

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