Hi all, I'm Mike, interested in electronics, software dev and 3d-printing

Hi all

I’m Mike, interested in electronics, software dev and 3d-printing… skills include small-scale PCB design and software for everything from microcontrollers to large-scale distributed systems. I’m also a radio HAM (G1 EET/ZS1 EET) and a bit of an RF nerd.

Recently emigrated from Cape Town, South Africa, where I was part of the maker community, and was the electronic badge-maker for the BSides Cape Town information security conference. My day job is Head of software Engineering for an insurtech scale-up :slight_smile:


Hi Mike
Welcome to our community. We have an Open Evening tomorrow and electronics nights every Thursday. Hope to see you soon at the space.

Hey Mike!

Welcome! we are running the electronics nights (almost) every thursday night!


My son and I will be there tonight, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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I can’t make it tomorrow but will try for the next one :slight_smile: