Hello I am Josie ♥

Hello everyone!
I go by Josie and have just joined the membership waiting list. I am house-sharing in SE London and mostly looking for a space to cut my fabrics as I am unsure how much longer I can take crawling around on the kitchen floor. I went to fashion school back in Germany before moving to the UK, but I only recently got back into making things. I am mostly doing costume work for larp, with the occasional everyday project in-between.

Could someone please let me know when the next open day is, I would really like to meet some people :heart:


Welcome! We have a textiles area that may suit your needs. We also have a few active members that do LARP too, @Martyn_Thomas is one that immediately comes to mind.

The next open evening is next week Wednesday, on the 20th. If you’ve signed up already then there’s nothing stopping you from visiting before the open evening as long as the space is open (when membership is approved, you’ll see a green tick at the top right side of Discourse pages, or red cross for closed). The textiles area is one of two areas of the space that does not require any inductions so you could jump straight in if you can’t wait. I’m sure there will be members around who are willing to answer some of your questions. Early evenings are usually the best time. You can also attend open evening to get the whole tour, it’s also very social. No sign up is necessary, just turn up!

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I’m not around the space much this month because i’m at LARPs every weekend, but when my diary is back to normal would love to grab a cuppa and hear about your costume work :slight_smile:

As Daniel has mentioned - come along to an open evening and check out the space and our amazing members (there’s a few of us who are LARPers and Cosplayers).

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thank you so much! I am a little busy this month but I should be able to make it for the open evening on the 20th! Looking forward to meeting people and then joining and getting to work from April onwards :grin:

@Martyn_Thomas I’d love to meet for a chat sometime :heart: Hearing that there are quite a few people sharing the same hobbies makes me even more excited!

I am honestly thrilled to have finally found a place like this and can’t wait to get going!

Hi Josie - on the 20th, during the open night, I’m also running a drop-in session in the textiles area so can show you around what we have there. I know our embroidery sewing machine has come in handy for a number of costumes recently for example. Welcome to the Space.

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There are loads of Larp/cosplay people in the makerspace! And from my experience they are all really happy to help. I joined for access to fancy sewing machines but now I’m doing some leatherworking for costume. There are always scraps to experiment with, which I find really helpful.

Anyway, look forward to seeing you around.


Great to meet you last night Josie. I really look forward to seeing your creations.


thank you, it was lovely to meet you too :pray:
I’ve ordered my fabrics already and hope to come in soon to get some mockups done before they arrive :relaxed: