HI I'm Niall - returning member


I was somewhat active a few years ago, but 2 kids and work left me with very little time to do much.

Now they are 2 and 5, things are a bit less intense and I’m hoping to get some time for making. The older one has a love for making, but her demands have reached the limits of what I can achive with ceralbox cardboard, some servo motors and adafruit leds.

Web developer by trade, but my real interests lie in robots and animatronics, but my skills there are limited.

I’ve not seeing any rules saying childern are not allowed. If she’s a smart and well behaved 5 year old, is it OK if she tags along to see things being made? I’ll keep her far from the dangreous and expensive machines.

Heading to EMF 2024 with her, we’re hoping to make some decorations for our camp in the space, maybe even submit a workshop


Welcome Back!

Kids are welcome! Just as you say though, you are responsible for them and making sure they stay safe around the machines. They can certainly tag along, help out a bit and mine love the hot glue gun, just saying!

I am heading to EMF also with my 6 and 11 yr old, see you there!

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welcome back !

We have kids at the electronics nights occasionally, feel free to come along !

It’s been a while since we had some family friendly sunday sessions, maybe we can do that again!