Laser Cutter - Trotec Speedy 300

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  • This machine should not be operated without induction.
  • This machine should not be left unattended during operation.


This is a Trotec Speedy 300. It is a professional-grade laser cutter and is a very high-quality machine. It is used for cutting and engraving many materials including plywood, acrylic (perspex), card, leather, some plastics and many others.

Technical specifications

Cutting area : 726 x 432 mm
Maximum cut depth: 12 mm
Maximum work piece height: 200 mm
Accuracy: 5µm


The @lasertechs are responsible for general maintenance, repairs etc.
Users need to perform some maintenance tasks at the beginning and end of their session (covered in the Induction)


Current inductors are:

If you would like to become a laser inductor, please contact the lasertechs.

Using the Laser Cutter


You must not use the laser cutter without being inducted first. Improper use can cause serious damage to the machine. The laser has a Tool Control system that will only turn the laser on for inducted users.

  • How to get inducted - general overview of the procedure for all inductions
  • Add yourself to the waiting list
  • See upcoming inductions - list view | calendar view - you will need to login to see these

Inductors: Here is a suggested induction presentation (status: mature - been used for several inductions).
Laser Induction v9.pdf (2.0 MB) - 10/03/2023


  • Induction: £5
  • Training: At the trainer’s discretion
  • Use: Free
  • Materials: See below

Laser Control Software

There are two options:

  • JobControl - the original software - manual
  • Ruby - the new software - manual

Rotary attachment

Giving back

  • In return for the loan of the laser cutter, we have promised to promote interesting projects. Please consider writing up your project for our blog, or tagging @trotecuk and @ldn_makerspace on twitter.
  • You can also volunteer to become a lasertech and help with maintenance, or run inductions and training sessions



  • laser grade plywood
  • perspex / acrylic
  • glass (engraving)
  • laser grade rubber
  • non-treated woods (max thickness depending on type of wood)
  • anodised metals ONLY FOR ENGRAVING (contact @ lasertechs if you want to etch metals)


The following materials can cause serious damage to the machine, or to your health.

  • PVC
  • Polyurethane foams
  • Polycarbonate
  • All non-laser-rated wood
  • Food
  • Fibreglass
  • Circuit boards
  • cutting all metals


If your material is not explicitly permitted or forbidden, then do the following, in order of operation:

  1. Look at the datasheet for the product and see if it is specifically listed as “laser safe”.
  2. Look at the Trotec youtube channels (USA, Canada) and see if they cover the user of the material.
  3. Look at the official Trotec materials shop for an equivalent material.
  4. Please start a thread in #discussion to get everyone’s opinion before attempting a cut
  5. If you are still unclear, ask the laser techs for “permission” to experiment

Obtaining materials

Our shop

  • Sheets of ply and acrylic in various thicknesses are available in the shelves below the Laser PC.
  • Purchase online (login to see the shop)
  • Purchase by taking a sheet and putting cash in the money box on top of the shelves.
  • Sheets are approximately 405 x600mm

Free materials in the space

  • Cardboard is available in the store shelves for test cuts, jigs and cool cardboard projects
  • The scrap pieces in the clear boxes under the mini-CNC are free to use.


Your scrap

Please contribute usable scrap pieces left over from your sheets

Material settings

You need to set the power and speed in order to achieve the engrave or cut that you want. The settings are determined by the type of material and the sheet thickness.
Please refer to the Job Control and Ruby manuals to see how to set these.

All previous settings saved by members are available in both apps. You could try one and see if you are happy with the result. Or, you can use the following tests to find a setting that suits you.

Note: These files and instructions are maintained and supported by @Brendon_Hatcher

Vector Engrave Test Cards
File: Test%20card%20-%20vector%20engrave|45x95
Instructions: SLMS Trotec Vector Engrave Test Cards.pdf (133.8 KB)

Vector Cut Test Cards
Coming soon-ish

Kerf test tool
File: SLMSkerf|20x70
Instructions: Kerf testing tool.pdf (177.3 KB)

Risk Assessment

Description of Task
Using a high powered computer controlled laser burning process to cutting blank stock material such as wood and plastic to a pattern from a digital file.

Hazard Risk Rating Control Measure Residual Risk
Fire Low Users required to use approved materials only, correctly set speed & power settings for the material and never leave machine running unattended. CO2 fire extinguisher provided. Very Low
Exposure to laser light Low Machine enclosed and lid fitted with interlock not to be overridden, according to Type 1 laser regulations. Very Low
Electrocution Low Servicing restricted to authorised and trained personnel. Very Low
Harmful/toxic fumes Low Users advised to use approved materials only. Strictly no PVC or polyurethane foams. Very Low


  • The fume and dust-control systems must be properly maintained, tested annually and the filters changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Used filters should be sealed into strong plastic bags before placing them in the waste.
  • Cleanup and machine maintenance must be performed as described in the induction

Getting help

  • Contact @lasertechs on Discourse if you are having any problems with the machine.
  • Trotec Operation Manual (generic, doesn’t include information about our specific laser and how we use it, but does fulfil the function of a datasheet).

Delete, update, or move the following

Maintenance log
Date of last maintanance: beam alignment only: 23/12/21

Move to an admin page: Cleaning the extractor filter
Logbook - is this still used?
Trotec Speedy 300 Lens Holder Original.stl
Trotec Laserable Products Catalogue - from 2014!
Trotec Materials Catalogue - from 2015!

Maintenance log

26/07/2023 - lens replaced