Laser Issues - Refusing to send to job control

Just wasted another hour of my life with what should be a routine 30 second cut but cannot send the files over to job control.

Disabled Ruby, rebooted, restarted, cut lines and colours all standard.

Ruby is also asking for the login again which doesn’t seem to be saved…

Just thoroughly annoyed now :frowning:

Hope everyone else is happy and someone else can manage to etch things and remind me how its done ;’)

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Are you using Ruby or JobControl? Make sure the thing in the system tray is set correctly…

Hi. If you are still in the space now, send me a private message with your phone number and I’ll call you. Otherwise I’ll reply with some resources to get you back in oppression this evening.

Hi Jonty. Sorry about your frustrations. If you go to the Laser Tool Page, we have revised the content significantly to reflect the parallel use of Ruby and JobControl.

The Ruby login is user-specific, which is why the password didn’t autofill.
Unfortunately, there is no way for laser techs to mass import all users, it has to be done one-at-a-time, at the Laser PC, and we need your email address to set it up.

We are meeting tomorrow and will discuss how be to migrate everyone.

Because both softwares are in use, you need to switch the Laser PC from one operation to the other. I have updated the JobControl manual to reflect this.

Check that the laser is in JobControl mode , not Ruby mode:

  1. Right click on the Ruby Control in the Widows notification tray
  2. Go to Laser mode
  3. Select JobControl

Hope that helps. If not, post a screenshot of the error.