Laser cutter max depth for oak

Hi would the laser cutter be able to cut a hole in 20mm thick Oak?

I think there is a function like for stepping down in Ruby @Brendon_Hatcher?

Hi Af, it won’t cut more than 12mm due to the focal depth and distance of the surface youre cutting to the bottom of the nozzle. Laser Cutter - Trotec Speedy 300

Check the tool page! :slight_smile:

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trying to cut down in increments down to 2cm would damage the laser
Af, how about the CNC or a router?

CNC can do it - how big is your piece?


The top surface would also get very charred due to the repeat passes of the laser.


Or laser cut a template and use a router with guide bush


that’s a bomb idea!!! I dunno why I never thought of that!

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could you cut the hole with a few passes of the cutter, stop the job, move the bed up, then do a few more passes with the laser? Or would that just completely char and destroy the hole.