Laser cut skill refresh

Hey guys, I have a project to do on the laser cutter, I’m inducted but I don’t use the machine from ages… anyone could give me a refreshment? Will be fast, I remember how to use it but I don’t fell confident enough!

I don’t have the time (as usual), but I trust you’ve read the #tools page?

It’s pretty much the contents of the induction process.

Stefano, I did the induction a couple of weeks ago but haven’t used it yet, I have Perspex and one thing to try out for learning and testing. If you have the patience of all the saints in heaven and on earth with my ‘limited tech/computer skills’ then, maybe we could practice together? I want to make a big ampersand bit of bling necklace (200mm aprox long). Am not confident either!

I can run you both through it at some point?

That will be great… over the weekend?

Thank you so much sir! :slight_smile:

Peter, that’d be so good, thank you.

I work Tues to Thurs, usually finish at 5 or 6 and can be at MS by 7ish. Currently, am at MS Mon & Fri 9-5(real time 11-7!) to utilise the space as an office. I can stay later to suit you both.

Stefano, dates and times you can do in the next couple of weeks?
Peter, same question?

During the week is always a bit unknow because of my job, during the weekend pretty much always… (and in the weekend I’m less tired :-))

Ohmigosh, ok, this Saturday is ‘Clearing the Space Out Day’, this is my priority because I have committed to it. And I really want to. I get there 1 - 2 Sat. We can work around it - Stefano your time is freer at weekends, Peter it seems like you think this weekend is good too. Ok, I now give up part of my Sunday if that’s what works for both of you? It’s always a good thing.

I’ll be there Saturday for the clear up day… we can sit at the laser cutter when we get tired or bored…
I don’t want you to give up your free time to accommodate my schedule! Hahah

Ah, that’s fab, Saturday it is so, tired or bored or excited or baffled coffee breaks laser stuff, heehee.

Can I join? I’m laser trained but I really don’t understand your laser it doesn’t seem to read my files followed instructions but blank file loading. Would be greatful for a hand holding session. :blush:

Course! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t keep kept up with this thread. Yeah! I’m happy to do this this weekend. Sunday afternoon?

Peter, somehow it has all gone fast by, so sorry, tomorrow is the only day that we can meet. We will try to baffle it out and see how it goes, will let you know :slight_smile: