A shout out to Laser-Inductors

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Hi guys! I am new here and would love to learn how to use the laser cutter.
I’ve done a fair bit of searching, but cannot seem to locate the waiting list? Is there one going at the moment?
Please could you nudge me in the right direction for this? I would love to join one!
Thanks ever so much!

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Hi Andrei,

Just found this in the ‘how to’ section (which means it doesn’t show up on the timeline

@lasertechs is there a live waitlist?

The one I’ve made years ago is a mixture of people who no longer need it or have been inducted, I’ll make a new one soon …

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Hi Petra, Thanks for letting me know! I am dying to get onto that list :slight_smile:
Will you notify me about it, or do I need to look out for it somewhere?

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I’ll tag you, do not worry!

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Hi! Just wanted to bump this, I think we still need a laser induction wait list, and once it’s created, we should link to it on the tool page.


Hi Amit,

we do have a waiting list for the laser cutter. I have added it to the tool page now.


Thanks, Julia for saving me admin work to do. And thanks Amit for pointing that out, very helpful!