_SLMS Recommended Laser Settings

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@lasertechs have added at group of ‘recommended settings’ to Ruby for use with the Trotec Speedy 300 laser cutter

  • You can find them by searching ‘0. SLMS (Material) (Thickness)mm’, eg ‘0. SLMS Plywood 3mm’ on Ruby
  • Suggest new official material settings by replying to this post
  • Please keep the materials list below in alphabetical order
  • See the bottom of this Wiki for related posts


  • Colour convention for these settings is Red=Cut, Black=Engrave
  • 1 pass cutting, 2 pass engraving
  • 75-90% power cutting for less burn
  • 10,000Hz cutting, unless max power required
  • For laminates, cut first, then remove film for engraving

Recommended Laser Settings Currently Available in Ruby (alphabetical order)

Setting Name Last Updated
0. SLMS Acylic Laminate 1.5mm 230713
0. SLMS Bamboo Venir 3mm 230713
0. SLMS Corrugated Card Single 230723
0. SLMS Corrugated Card Double 230723
0. SLMS Greyboard 2mm 230620
0. SLMS MDF 2mm 230718
0. SLMS Perspex 10mm 230618
0. SLMS Plywood 3mm 230723
0. SLMS Plywood 4mm 230723
0. SLMS Plywood 6mm 230718
0. SLMS Plywood 9mm 230718

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