Laser cutting for a friend (me)

Hello makers.

I am a prospective member of the makerspace and I need some laser cutting done. As I am not a member yet I was wondering if someone at the space could do a simple laser cutting for me, a word and a sentence. I would of course pay for the material and some fee for the job.

If anyone is interested please let me know.


Hi @Tomas_Thorsson, what material are you thinking and how big? If you have the artwork and I have the materials, I will help you out…

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Hi Jonathan. I am thinking 3mm MDF. The hight of the letters will be about 25mm, length is not determined at the moment, but it should all fit on one sheet.

Do you need a vector file? Do the lines need to be a certain thickness and colour?

take a look at the tool page:

MDF is a no-go, but ply is fine. Vector file - make them all black if it’s just a cut (no etching). If using a font, make sure to convert text to path.

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Thanks @mbg, no offence but I am a lasertech and you can get laser MDF. :+1: @Tomas_Thorsson I don’t have any MDF but can send you a link to where you can get some or alternatively we can use 3mm ply from the space or I have a load of 6mm laser ply?

Hi Jonathan. 3mm ply would work, what I am making is a stencil for spraying. I have to create the file and then I’ll be in contact. Thanks for the info and help.

Hi Max. This is great! Thanks for linking this.

I knew that MDF was a laser-safe material, but I thought it was verboten at the space?? Something about the glue being gunky. Edit: never mind - I was getting confused with normal MDF and laser grade MDF

MDF "Forbidden" I see some history in this thread. The tool page doesn’t list it as either permitted or forbidden right now. @Jonathan do you want to update the tool page accordingly? Also it looks considerably cheaper than ply, so would it be worth bulk ordering and stocking it if we are going to permit it?

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Hey, only LASER GRADE MDF can be used in the laser cutter. Mind that! Should we start using only that or MDF being cut in big amounts, we’d need to clear the filters much more often.

I see what you mean, the list of permitted items is not exhaustive but I don’t think we need to list every possibility.
In my opinion the non- permitted one is more important ands contains what it needs.

Cutting mdf - even the laser friendly stuff - really clogs the filters!