Rotary attachment tool - Trotec lasercutter

  1. Get the rotary attachment from the box under the Laser Cutter PC
  2. There are 2 work piece holding options. Rollers, for working on smaller cylinders/dowel like things . Or conical style clamps fro working with larger hollow pieces .
  3. To switch between the 2 there are screws on the top and side of the belt casing which need to be removed.

  1. Remove the screws holding the current attachment down, remove the belt and lift off the attachment (assuming you want to change it)

  1. Slide on the new attachment, replace the screws and re-attach the belt

  1. The other end is simpler. Unscrew by hand, slide out and replace

  1. Replace the belt casing

  1. Remove the honeycomb from the laser cutter, and replace with rotary attachment.
    Hooks on the top edge grip in a similar way to the honeycomb. It shouldn’t move.

  1. Attach the control cord to the port on the inside of the laser cutter (by the door)

  1. Turn on laser cutter. The cutter head should find its new home parallel to the rotary axis.

  1. On the PC in the print setup select the “Rotary Attachement” checkbox

  1. Input the diameter and height of your piece.

  1. Remove the "Take from application check box

  1. Open Job Control. Then go into Settings -> Options. Remove the Honeycomb check box.
    Add the rotary attachement Check box, and enter the diameter of your piece

  1. The Job Control Background will change to a picture of the rotary attachment.

  1. Clamp your piece in the attachement (or put on rollers)

  1. If its an angled piece, then adjust the angle of the attachment, so that the surface your are cutting is flat. (Spirit level is helpful)

  1. Focus in the same way as usual

  1. Make sure when placing your piece the cutter head won’t impact the clamps when cutting, or cut off the price into the clamps

  1. Configure your material settings. We used Power 100, Speed 40, PPI 500. (Engrave not cut)

  1. GO!
  2. To improve quality you could try putting some paper on your piece, lightly stuck with water, ensuring all air bubbles have been removed.

  1. Remove air Assist if you are doing this as it can blow the paper away
  2. Also be sure to check the lens periodically. As the glass/paper is more likely to get stuck to it without the air assist.

  1. When you are finished make sure to change the job control and print settings back to honey comb so the next users don’t get confused!

  1. If you are doing something with a handle, make sure it rotates away from the cuter head.