Hello! I'm Interested in a membership, if anyone would be able to advice about the facilities :)

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I’m Francesca, I get a lot of designing-crafty projects, and I’d be curious to check if your facilities could allow me to make this project, in this case I definitely would consider becoming an active member! I hope you can see the pic, it looks a little weird after uploading. it’s 10 pieces of custom cut acrylic (or other similar plastics), printed.

Any advice and info much appreciated!

Thank you,


Absolutely. You’d need to get inducted on the laser cutter and buy some red/white laser laminate acrylic.

Hi Francesca,

Welcome to our community. Our Lasercutter will be very useful for your project. It makes really clean cuts on acrylic and they are highly accurate, so for inlays and such this should work very well. I’m not an expert though, but from your sketch, it looks like you could achieve that at SLMS.

I just randomly picked these from posts here on Discourse:

Here’s a list of all our tools.

I would highly recommend to come to an Open Evening and check out the space for yourself. The next one will be on Wednesday, May 31st from 7pm-9pm. No reservation needed, just come.

See you at the Makerspace,

Hey Will, thanks a lot for your reply! The red needs to be a specific colour reference though, so I think I’d be better off with some durable printing techniques. I hope the space can provide something like that!

Hi Mark, thank you very much for this! I will be there for the open evening for sure. From the list of tools I can’t understand if there is a printer that could print on acrylic or similar plastic. If you could advice me on this that would be great!

Thank you once again.

Best, Francesca

The only way to print on acrylic at SLMS would be through screen printing, I’m afraid.

Yes, screen print would be the solution we have at the space. What is the specific colour match you are look for? Are you matching a pantone? If so i don’t think we have a swatch book. The @silkscreentechs might be able to advise if we have Pantone mixing capabilities here.

Your best option otherwise is either go to a screen printing company or to a print house that have a direct to media printer. As it is only a small batch of 10, the direct to media printer might make the best sense as you wont need to pay for the screen prep, etc.

We absolutely do not have Pantone matching ability. We haven’t even got screen printing running properly yet.

Thought that would be the case, you never know though with this place. Is this something that might eventually be in the works out of interest? I would be happy to lend a hand with this. I’ll keep an eye out as our current viewing booth could do with an upgrade.