CNC Machine - Isel CPM 2018

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Isel CPM 2018 - Desktop CNC Milling Machine

The CPM is a machine tool with three linear axes that can electronically be controlled. A further (rotary) axis is available in addition.

Movement areas X/Y/Z [mm]

Clamping table [mm]

  • The machine is suitable for milling, boring, cutting, engraving, proportioning, metering, positioning, and many similar applications.

  • Suitable tooling materials are wood, PVC, glass, printed circuit materials. (Aluminium is technically possible but we need to add cooling first)
    For safety reasons, graphite is not permissible (danger of explosion) as material.
    Also not admissible are materials that produce health-endangering gases during processing.

Condition Notes

Donated to the space September 2018 not working, control system replaced with LinuxCNC / Mesa setup - January 2020.

Induction and Training

Induction in the works… CAD / CAM experience necessary as a pre-requisite.



Risk Assessment

TBD… (Identify risks, State control measures)

(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Before Use

During Use

  • For emergency situations, you find an Emergency-Off switch on the front-panel of the machine.
    It interrupts the power supply to the power module and tooling machine.
    However, the software - machine communication remains possible for fault tracing

After Use

  • Clean the machine regularly and remove chips and dust deposits.


Open the hood before switching off the machine using the mains switch. After this, this is no more possible.

Switch off the mains switch before any cleaning and any maintenance. Also, pull the power plug in order to prevent an inadvertent starting.

Clean the machine regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner of all chips (no compressed air). That protects the mechanics against early wear.

  • With frequent machining operations and very fine chips (dusts), you should regularly remove the cover plate of the Y-axis below the T-slot plate and remove possibly penetrated chips and/or dusts.

  • The sealing lips include a Teflon component and require no special maintenance.

  • Clean the perspex windows with a non-abrasive fluid cleaner.

  • The shaft guides and drive shafts are provided with a long-term lubrication ex works. Depending on the load, you should grease the shaft guides and drive shafts approx. all 500- 1000 operating hours. Use usual rolling bearing grease for that purpose.

See manual below for detailed instructions.


Isel CPM 2018 Original Manual (3.0 MB)
MS 135 HT-2 Stepper Motors (122.2 KB)
UFM 500 Milling Motor / Collets (171.1 KB)
Mesa 7i76e Stepper controller / Daughtercard (441.3 KB)
DM542T Stepper Drivers (687.0 KB)

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