Canopy Beer Sign

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@Kyle and I did a first real project on the Big CNC!

At some point we told our fine neighbors we would make a sign for them, so this is a first attempt. Not perfect but a good first prototype…

We used a 8mm end mill for CANOPY and didn’t quite have the speeds and feeds set correctly, so will need to fiddle with that a bit.

BEER CO was done with a 6mm which we are more familiar with from the Desktop CNC, so this cut much cleaner, no complaints there.

The sign is overall about 4ft by 3ft and cut to 6mm deep which we cut in 2x 3mm passes.

Overall very pleased with this project and a good first test of the Big CNC! Inductions coming soon!


looks great guys! It seems like there isn’t too big a problem with the z-distance across the length. Great work!

Yeah dude! it is dialed in! Ready to try it??

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I have something ready to cut! Currently out of the country, will hit you up in a few weeks!


Great work! Sorry I couldn’t make the last hackathon, I’ve been too busy with work the last few weeks. Let me know when the next one is - if there is one that is? Or is it up and running now?

Hey @nickritchie!

We are almost there - just a few small things to finish, will let you know when we are working on it again!


Seems like I can finally start working on my arcade machine!


That’s my dream down the line! Would be great if you start a thread when you start the build, plus where possible I’d love to assist/learn when the time comes!


Looks good, as we need to get the front of the arch2 secure and we are not sure if the extract is going out the front of arch 2 or round the back through arch 1.

We have some moisture resistant Mdf coming on Tuesday to fill the hole temporarily.

It would be great to have Slms logo and “south London makerspace”

And maybe “Arch 2”

Cut into the Mdf .

From memory the piece to fill the hole will be approx 1200 high by 800 wide, I will give exact measurements on monday

Is this something that can be done?


Yes for sure - just need to know what sizes we have to work with… let us know…


Nice one,
Mdf is cut, and on the Cnc

Dimensions of the sheet is 810mm wide by 1020mm

Sign will be held in with beading of 10mm so leave at least that clear around the perimeter.



Hi makers!

Close on this one!

Test cut done on the back- some issues fixed…

Some configuration changes later… and it is cutting smoooooth!

We will redo on the front side in the next few days!


How did the new 3D hold down clamps do ?

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Good! We could use a few more though… but seems solid!

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Do we have the file for this somewhere? I can print some more. :slight_smile:

The clamps may need a bit more infill based on the crunchy noise I heard from one of the dark filament ones. We subjected them to very large milling loads and got some slippage but more might’ve held tight.

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I was going to make some small clamps on the small cnc from 9mm or 12mm ply. would those help?

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Ya sure! We should have a few types on hand I would think as projects / stock will differ! We use M6 cap screws to hold them down…


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looking good guys! What problems did u have?

Quick note, if this thingie says Arch2, will we do another one for Arch1? Maybe just our logo? or a sign saying:

 Arch 1        Arch 2
<----------   -------->

somehtin like that?

Oh yeah! Last idea… a QR code to our website cut right into the sign! What do you think?

Sorry for these late contributions… I wanted to send them a while back

Configuration error affecting the spindle, now it is all good!!

Good ideas!! Not too late!

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