CNC milling machine offered

Andy, I have the basics of fusion 360 cad/cam down and it looks like you know Linux cnc. Can we get together and do a small test piece? Something simple with some facing so adaptive 2d and a finishing pass is what I’m thinking… I need to know the tool specifics and work holding etc but can pick that up from popping into the space.

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Sounds good! Let’s do it!

Tonight any good for you? After 9?

Yupp either 6:30-7, or after 10…

Workholding fixtures:

We can probably borrow a clamp fixture from the manual mill also…


Basically 4 different bits, 6mm diameter flat end mill, 2mm diameter flat end mill, 2mm bull or ball nose I can’t tell , 2.5 mm diameter flat end mill.

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See you at 10pm… :+1:


I think the collets are mismatched.It says Unimat on the box and they don’t look the same as these :

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That would fit with Ara aka @recursion experience/findings

This video may provide some insight in to how some collets work
It is worth watching so you can see how they should be assembled and cared for

the current spindle motor is functional but not ideal if we are spending money I would recommend getting something more appropriate
better bearings
better tolerances
speed control (which is a big thing)
standardised collets
I could go on …

The existing spindle motor could be repurposed as a die grinder or more robust “dremel”

an example of what we could get

Yeah I looked at some of those- are the China ones good enough quality? There are some nice German ones for just 4x the price… whats the best value?

Thanks Howard, will have a closer look early next week!

Hi guys, just wanted to know if the cnc mill could be used with brass metal?

Hi Roy,

Not this machine unfortunately… list of materials is on the tools page:


lt depends - lol

Lol- You advised no metals until we have cooling :slight_smile: so maybe in the future…

I dont think the small machine should be used for metal as standard at all really.

I was referring to the spindle in my post

there are lots of advantages

speed control and standardised collets which is what triggered me to suggest this

My view as far as spindles is go for the best that is sensible

Ah ok gotcha!

Ooooo… Tidy…


Last open heart surgery! (Hopefully!)