3D Printer Fan Shroud

So this 3D printed fan shroud that @emuboy generously created for the Utilimaker finally melted and broke apart and fell off :frowning:

Mini CNC to the rescue!

Big thanks to @federico and @kyle who fabbed up some nice fan holders to use for now!:

We also looked at the more permanent options with better airflow and ordered a proper metal shroud (< £20 all in) but it will take a few weeks- a month to arrive:



Nice to see metal being cut on it so smoothly.


Yes! This is the first real aluminium project and we have some decent settings now, reach out to @CNCtechs if you need to mill aluminium…

That’s not going to work.

The shape of the cooler is designed for part cooling, not surface cooling.

The original cooler is in the cardboard box, we can swap it back,

Also, that metal replacement part will be heavy and induce resonance frequency across the head while moving fast…

If there is any interest I can order a print from PCBWay, perhaps in polycarbonate or some heat resistant material

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He is right, the fan is to cool the printer head., and to make the extruded filament cool quicker. Havin the fans blow freely down are not going to work and the added inertia of the aluminium will lead to rippling on the printed surface

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Fair points! Will reconsider next steps!

The new brackets weigh less :slight_smile:

I talked with Federico about adding some ducting below while he was working on it. Let’s see what he comes up with :slight_smile:

Bear in mind, the ducting I printed was modelled by someone using fluid simulation on fusion 360.

still, the original aluminium ducting is in the box in the printer area

Quick question about the cut… did you guys use WD-40 as lube? or nothing at all?

Dry cutting. While I use copious amounts on the lathe or mill, lubricants in the small cnc add a lot of complication. Getting it clean again to the point it doesn’t affect wood projects would be a challenge.