Ultimaker 2+ custom fan shroud


I recenlty modified the Space’s Ultimaker to allow for better cooling while printing, I realised I never shared the files with anyone as we might want to reprint the shroud in the future.

The original link to the author it’s here

Was part of the plan to print the shroud in ABS or ASA for better heath resistance (At the moment it’s printed in PETG)

Due to some health problems I’m not able to reach the space, anyone would like to get on with the task? @3dtechs

PCBWay apparently have now a printing service, printing the part would be around 24 dollars but I think it’s a good investment as will allow us to properly use the printer.

Another topic we should talk about it’s the possibility to use the laser’s filtering system to extract fumes from the printer allowing us to safetly print high temperature materials.

um2-dual-fan-shroud.zip (4.0 MB)