8' x 4' CNC Machine


  • This machine should not be operated without induction.
  • This machine should not be left unattended during operation.

8’ x 4’ CNC Machine


Working Area:
Y: 2500mm
X: 1250mm
Z: 100mm standard
(220mm without machine bed)

Clamping table [mm]
2440 x 1220

Length: 3100mm
Width: 1900mm
Height: 1700mm

+/- 0.05mm over 2500mm

2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle (7,200 - 24,000 RPM)

Brand & Model: Marchant Dice (Bionica Systems) MD-MW01 (both companies now defunct)

The machine is suitable for milling, boring, cutting, engraving, proportioning, metering, positioning, and many similar applications on a large scale.

Condition Notes

Purchased 2nd hand - March 2019 supposedly in working condition. Setup and recommissioned early 2022.

Risk Assessment

8x4 CNC Machine Risk Assessment

Induction and Training

Prerequisite is being inducted on the Desktop CNC machine

There is no ‘waiting list’ to be inducted on the Big CNC - when you believe you are proficient on the Desktop CNC and have done a couple of projects end-to-end then send a private message (PM) to @CNCtechs to arrange an induction on this machine.

The software and design process is identical to the Desktop CNC, the differences are as follows:

  • Risks & Risk assessment - it is not in a protective housing
  • Spoilboard surface instead of T-slot plate
  • Hold downs
  • Shuttle controller for touching off
  • Spindle VFD control
  • Power on / off


@asander1, @Kyle

Before Use

Coming soon.

During Use

WIP checklist:
Spindle RPM set before job start
Retract height will clear clamping

After Use

Coming soon.


@cnctechs only

Manual (OCR)

Greasing video

VFD Setup:

Param Value Explanation
PD005 400 Max Operating Frequency (Hz) - set first
PD001 1 Source Run Commands: External (computer instead of run button)
PD002 1 Source of Operating Frequency: External (pot)
PD003 400 Main Frequency (Hz)
PD004 400 Base Frequency (Hz)
PD006 2.5 Intermediate Frequency
PD007 0.5 Min Frequency
PD008 220 Max Voltage
PD009 13 Intermediate Voltage (guide 15)
PD010 6.5 Min Voltage (guide 8)
PD070 1 Analogue Input: 0-5V
PD072 400 Analogue Frequency Max
PD073 120 Analogue Frequency Min
PD141 220 Rated Motor Voltage
PD142 11 Rated Motor Current (A)
PD143 4 Motor Poles
PD144 3000 Rated RPM (at 50Hz)


Settings we use for our 2.2kw spindle:

PD005 through PD010 set three points on a voltage/frequency curve. As the motor ramps up to your desired speed, it follows this curve. The manual usefully shows three types of curve: constant torque, low torque, and high torque. I’ve set mine to the values for the constant torque graph (why not).

PD004: Rated frequency: Apparently this is for motors with a fixed frequency. Since the spindle is variable frequency, this setting can be ignored.

When PD002 is set to 1, there is also a jumper next to the screw terminals that you have to set. If the jumper is on the right pair, the control is the front panel knob. If the jumper is on the left pair, the control is via an external potentiometer connected to the screw terminals. Make sure the jumper is on the right-side pair.

PD006: Middle frequency: 2.5 Hz
PD007: Low-end frequency: 0.5 Hz
PD008: High-end voltage: 220 V
PD009: Middle voltage: (15 V in guide)
PD010: Low-end voltage: (8 V in guide)

PD070: Speed control input: Set to 1. This means that the speed will be controlled by an input voltage between 0 and 5V. This is what the front panel knob delivers. 0 means 0-10V. 2 means the control is by an input current between 0 and 20mA. 3 means 4-20mA. 4 is a combination of voltage and current.

PD072: High-end frequency: Set to 400. This sets the frequency represented by the top end of the speed control.

PD073: Low-end frequency: Set to 120. This sets the frequency represented by the bottom end of the speed control.

PD141: Rated motor voltage: Set to 220V.

PD142: Rated motor current: Set to 11A. Why not 10? Because there will always be some loss in the spindle cable. This compensates for that. But feel free to set it to 10A. The worst that can happen is that your motor loses power at the top end.

PD143: Number of motor poles: Set to 4. This is the number of magnetic poles in the motor. It should be either 2 or 4, and is 4 for the 2.2kW spindle.

PD144: RPM at 50Hz: Set to 3000. Since the max RPM is 24000 at 400Hz, this means that the RPM at 50Hz will be 3000.


Paperwork that came with it:
Marchant Dice MD-MW01.PDF (3.1 MB)

Original Website:

Original Videos from Marchant Dice (NOTE: Some may be different than ours):

Kitchen Cabinet Interpolation

22mm Plywood

Text Engraving