Big CNC TO-DO List(was: Hackathon - Friday Night)

Hi All,

We are painfully close to having the 8x4 ft CNC machine available for use! - this beast:

Tool page is here: 8'x'4 CNC Machine

This session is to finish the remaining tasks to get it ready to go. We need your help!

I will keep adding to this punch list:

  1. Modify VCarve post processor for the big CNC - needs speeds and also a pause to wait for spindle to fully spin up
  2. Laser cut a collet holding box
  3. Use the CNC to cut T-Nut holes in the 2x Spoil boards
  4. Attach spoil boards to the big CNC frame
  5. Make a selection of hold downs - things like this:
  6. Write Risk Assessment for big CNC
  7. Write Induction notes for big CNC
  8. Install tool control on big CNC
  9. Configure jog knob in LinuxCNC
  10. Sort out (at least a plan for) extraction
  11. Grease the axis rails
  12. Drill through and install captive nuts into spoil board
  13. Buy bolts for hold downs
  14. Buy electric screwdriver for hold down bolts
  15. Build a tray for the Y axis cables to run/move in

If you want to help and can make it - add yourself to the Space Booking:



Oh - and Friday Night isn’t ruined - we will have beer/soft drinks and snacks for volunteers!

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not sure if I can make it… but what collets do we have? I can wrangle and design stuff accordingly

A bunch, they are by the big cnc PC - will take an inventory for you if possible!

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Hi CNC crew, I can help with 3D printing holding down tools from home if required?

Hey @Jonathan - yea! That would be great - we are not sure which design will work best - so just pick one you like and if you can print some to test out that would be great! We will have 100mm x 100mm grid of M6 threaded holes in the spoil board, so that should help estimate sizing…

Ok sure, I will scan online designs and see what looks good.

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If you are looking for pair of hands I’d be happy to help!

Don’t really have any CNC experience, but would be happy to get involved and learn on the way.

Yes! Thats great! Come along, no experience necessary!

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perfect! What time do you want to start?

Gotta put the kids to bed first so 9:30, hopefully that’s not too late!

Hi Andy, a change of plans means I could now make it for some of this, would be happy to help out if you still need people?

Yes for sure @nickritchie! See you tonight! Thanks!

running tad late, will be around 22:15. + don’t have my fob yet, so hopefully someone will be at the doors :smiley:

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Ya we are here! No worries!

Thanks to @Kyle, @Julia and @Maciej we spent hours and hours messing about with feeds and speeds to cut the spoil board and never quite got there…

Fortunately some real stuff got done by @nickritchie with help from @Maciej

Check out this awesome collet holder!


If distraction would be considered as help, my resume would be much different, it was all the way @nickritchie from design to the finished collet holder.

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The feeds and speeds to cut the mdf? Whats the problem?

Dunno! Keeps either smoking or coming out like a furball! Mostly both… Maybe you can help us Tues!?

Looking forward to it

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