Storage If you want to store your project at the space, you need to ask permission first.

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Bits of wood to make a chopping board [Storage] (1)
Ww2 themed props [Storage] (1)
Military props [Storage] (2)
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Woodshop induction [Admin] (16)
Sound Installation made of copper and logs [Storage] (2)
Woodshop and laser cutter induction [Admin] (11)
Actually not cured yet : Laser cutter will be down for maintanace from Friday evening untill Saturday morning [Admin] (2)
2x Daleks, which so far five of the community are involved in (im sure there will be more later ) [Storage] (13)
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Storage [Storage] (1)
Membership email [Admin] (1)
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Quantum Garden for LCW [Storage] (1)
Resin curing on the messy room table [Storage] (1)
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1 bag of wood spindles and 1 bag with mold for resin [Storage] (2)
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Bag of wood and foam and possibly large bowl blank [Storage] (1)
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