IMPORTANT: Arch 2 Shutter Damaged

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The problem: The shutters on Arch 2 (the woodshop) have decided to destroy itself last night as I closed at around 22:30. I was only meant to be in for 30 minutes. The shutter curtain did not unspool correctly, getting pinned up at one corner and coming down diagonally. I could not find any reason why. I tried every which way to correct it and decided to stop at the very high risk of damaging it any further. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do to fix this at midnight by myself with machinery I’m unfamiliar with. I have had little choice but to stay in the Makerspace throughout the night to provide security.

The situation: Arch 2 shutters are currently damaged and stuck open. To prevent further damage, I have turned power off to that shutter only. Door Control for Arches 1 and 2 operate as normal and the woodshop is free to use. All emergency exits are unaffected.

Currently, the space is open and @platinumnqueen22 is here until 15:00. @joeatkin2 and I will be in the space some time later in the day to try and figure things out.

No other member should attempt to fix the shutters as it is unsafe to do so.

Updates will be posted soon.