Access to laser cutter

Hi there @lasertechs,

I’m trying to use the laser cutter for the first time.

I’ve turned the machine on but when I scan my fob I get the message “Not Permitted”, and checking my groups on the /my-permissions page on the slms website it doesn’t look like I’m part of any laser cutter groups.

I was inducted on the laser cutter on 28 Feb by @Brendon_Hatcher, I think I should have access to the machine.

Is there something I need to do? Could some one give me a hand/set me up😁

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Francis,

Your access was requested but was not processed for some reason. I have added you. I see you have mini cnc as well. Were there any other inductions you’ve attended?

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Hey @Kyle,

Thanks so much, that’s really great.:tada:

I think I’m good now, no inductions other than the laser and the mini cnc.

Thanks again,



Hi @lasertechs

Just to let you know I’ve, not been able to get the laser cutter working today.

I think there is a possibility something is up with the cutter, rather than just my incompetence😁

Ruby doesn’t seem to want to connect to the cutter, ie the there’s no cursor indicating the laser position in ruby, and the “push to laser” button is disabled

I’ve turned it off and on again etc

There is some red in the diagnostics, see pic.

Probably going to call it a day, but thought I should mention it :slight_smile:

Regards F

@mbg and I did a bit of remote/on site debugging. The frequency of the LED flashing on the laser changes whether the lid is open or not so this suggests it’s not an issue with tool control. The (COM5) port enumerates when plugged in and disappears when unplugged. The computer is definitely in “Ruby” mode. Unless I am missing something obvious, this sounds like a Ruby update that broke JobControl too but hard to know exactly until we fix it.

I noticed that Ruby wasn’t displaying the update notices, so I couldn’t update it.
So, I don’t know how/if/when it would have been updated.
Let me know how I can help.

Hmm. Did an expired cert and lack of updates break Ruby again I wonder?

I’ll be in tomorrow evening for open evening or someone can beat me to it.