Access denied to member pages on Discourse


I paid for the membership. There could be a disconnect between my discourse account and my Makerspace account. They have different usernames but the same email.

I guess it could be two things:

  • I messed up signing up by not being logged in at the time
  • I’m just too impatient as it only been an hour since paying (did it about an hour ago)

Thanks for the help

Welcome to our community. You should be all set up now!

Hi Dan,

No worries, you did everything right. You were just slightly impatient. You are now a full member and have access to all members groups on discourse. Next step, swing by the Makerspace and pick up your fob so you can open the door whenever you come.

It says in your invitation e-mail “Once your payment has gone through, it can take up to a week to process your membership.” The reason is, that there is still manual work involved when activating a new membership and we’re all volunteers.

Happy to help, if you have any other questons,

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Awesome, thanks!
My bad, should’ve reread the invite