Laser lens damage

@lasertechs I’m so sorry but I just damaged the laser lens. I checked the lens but tightened the thread the wrong way putting it back and the lens came loose mid-job. The edge got a bit lased - see pic. Have taken the lens out and put it on the shelf above the laser machine. Apologies and lesson learned.

Thanks for letting us know! This has happened several times before, maybe we need to put an arrow sticker on there somewhere?


I’ll be at the space tomorrow evening - thanks for letting us know.

It’s why is best practice to check everything is hand-tight before using. Will put a reminder on the Induction :slight_smile:


That would be great! A loosen+arrow label would certainly help folks remember it’s a “tighten like it’s on the backside” thread


On the plus side the lens did look like it might still be useable but I didn’t want to make anything worse

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What’s the situation with the lense? I’ve come in tonight to use the lasercutter. Is there a replacement available?

I’m on my way to the space now. Will confirm soon.

Just checking if this has been replaced now?

The same lens is still being used. It does not appear to be damaged but the holder has a small bit of damage and we determined it should not be an issue.
Unfortunately last night I was cutting wood I have not used before so cannot say if it is 100% but it was working. I suggest you do some test cuts first.

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Thanks for the update ! :heart:
I’m using it this afternoon and will report back :slight_smile:

Phewee :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems to be working fine, other than the super dirty nozzle.