New member access to Induction waiting lists

Hi All,

I bought my membership on Friday and I’m looking forward to heading down to the space and meeting you all at the open evening next Wednesday.

I have tried to access the induction waiting lists for the tools, but do not yet have access, I’m aware this may take a few days to process, I just wanted to ask when I would gain access to sign up for inductions?



Welcome Adam :)) I was told to send a message to @systems about becoming a private member. I’m told it is not an automatic process and needs their attention to do the thing that needs doing. Maybe me tagging them now will also do the job.

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Hi Adam

Once the admin team notices your payment they will elevate your Discourse access so that you can see all the member-only stuff.

However, a nudge to systems can’t hurt!

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Thanks Daniel! Appreciate the advice

Thanks Brendon, I’ll give them a nudge. See you in the space!

hello Adam
do you have a link to a pay for a membership

Hello guys,

I have same problem,I tried to find link to pay for membership,but cannot find it at all…
Can you send me the link if you get it pls ?

Thank you

Hi Rafik,

When you first signed up a few days ago, you should have received a message welcoming you to the forum and inviting you to take our pre membership survey. Once you fill that out, you should receive an invite within a few days!

Hi Peter,

Looks like you received an invite on the 25th of March via email; check your spam folder and if you can’t find it, let me know!

Ok I look for it


Hello Kyle,

thank you for your reply.

I found that email from March 25th (must overlooked it somehow)

Will follow steps to pay for

membership from there

Have a nice day

Thank you